Brenda Doggett

Inland NW Food Network - Seasonal KitchenBrenda Doggett loves to cook. After attending virtually all of our Seasonal Kitchen cooking classes last year, we recruited her to teach our January class on soup. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and culinary talents were evident in her well-planned presentation.

Although there is nothing in her upbringing that held clues about her passion for food, Brenda attributes much of her interest in it to her other life passion – travel. She and her husband have traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and abroad. One of her favorite things to do when she visits other places is to enroll in cooking classes. Not only have those experiences expanded her knowledge base of how to cook, but she has also learned a great deal about other cultures through their food and food customs.

Brenda has also studied and worked with numerous chefs around the country. She was part of a dinner club in Florida that was based on preparing meals together solely by using leftovers!

A meeting planner by profession, Brenda enjoys riding her motorcycle, attending small community theaters, and making quilts for local charities in her spare time. She and her husband relocated to the area a few years ago. They were drawn to the area because of the food, the presence of numerous farmers markets, and the number of local chefs. They are currently working on some changes to their property in preparation for establishing a large garden.

Brenda appreciates all the local farmers the Inland NW Food Network has connected her to.   Her favorite thing about volunteering for us has been the amazing people she has met who have taught her so much about cooking.

We are fortunate to have Brenda’s talents in our midst and will definitely be calling on her to teach future cooking classes. Keep a lookout for the announcements so that you too can benefit from her extensive knowledge base!

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