Patrick McMahon

Inland NW Food NetworkPatrick McMahon first learned about the INWFN at a chance meeting with Teri at Pilgrims Market. It didn’t take long before he was recruited to join what the “Coeur Team” – a group of five dedicated volunteers who met each week for 2 hours to scheme and dream plans for organization in it’s fledgling stage. From there, it was a short hop to his becoming a board member/treasurer. Pat’s dry wit, sunny disposition and insightful questions were much appreciated contributions to our Board. After two years of service, he has stepped down to dedicate more time to his home inspection business, although he continues to volunteer at booths and in other capacities.

When asked about why he became interested in participating in the INWFN, Patrick shared that the mission of the organization aligned with his beliefs about the importance of eating healthy, locally sourced food. As the father of two children, he is concerned about ensuring that they have access to healthy foods that are free of harmful toxins and pesticides. He also had an experience a few years ago when he went to purchase some milk but was told that it wasn’t available because the Pass was closed. This alerted him to the vulnerability of our local food system that relies heavily on foods that are brought in from outside the region.

In his work as a volunteer, Patrick has enjoyed meeting other like-minded souls who share his passion for healthy food/farms. His vision for our local food system is to have a thriving, year-round farmers market stocked with nutritious food from farmers within 100 miles. He also loves the idea of a teaching farm (so do we!).

A native of Boise, ID, Patrick and his wife and children currently reside in Athol where they host Air B & B guests in what they fondly refer to as The Yurtle. There is no doubt that anyone who is lucky enough to stay there will be treated to a warm and friendly welcome, just as the INWFN has enjoyed from Patrick’s many contributions.

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