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The Seasonal Kitchen: Cooking with the Bounty of the Region

The Inland Northwest Food Network is pleased to announce our 2018 Seasonal Kitchen cooking classes!  Our monthly, hands-on classes are designed to teach you how to cook delicious, nutritious, locally grown seasonal foods.

Each class celebrates regional foodways that are experiencing a renaissance as we recognize the importance of eating locally and seasonally. Indeed, in today’s fast-paced world, slowing down to prepare and enjoy wholesome home-cooked meals may be the single most important thing you can do to affect both your health and this place we call home.

We were inspired to organize The Seasonal Kitchen classes after discovering Jessica Prentice’s book Full Moon Feast: Food and Our Hunger for Connection in which she describes the intimate connection between seasonal changes and their relationship to the foods we eat. Ultimately, the book speaks to the core of our work - connecting people, place, food and farms.

Classes are held on the third Thursday of each month from 6:00 - 8:30 pm at the Jacklin Arts and Culture Center (405 N Williams St, Post Falls).  Pre-registration is required; no walk-ins.

Drawing by Jaquith Travis
Drawing by Jaquith Travis

2018  Class Schedule

January - Where's the Beef? (Beth Robinette & Matt Bellmer)

February - Breakfast for Champions (Karmen Gregg)

March - Heritage Grains (Joni Kindwall-Moore)

April - Shake It Up: Mastering Your Blender (Brenda Doggett)

May - The Zen of Grilling (Chef Peter Tobin)

June - no class

JulyCheesemaking (Katie Austin)

August - no class

September - Beautiful Beans (Raquel Kaelin)

October - Everything Squash (Cynthia Moore)

November - Spice up Your Cooking (Alison Cover)

December - Holiday Pies (Bean & Pie)

2017 Classes

January - Hearty Soups (Brenda Doggett)
February - Naked Chocolate (Karmen Gregg)
March - Sprouts (Lynne Pulizzi)
April - Asparagus (Heidi Peterson)
May - Goat Cheese-making (Chrys Ostrander)
June - Urban Weeds and Wild Edibles (Sherilyn Long)
July - Grilled Foods (Paul Kuber)
August - Condiments (Cole Ina)
September - Fish (Aaron Fish)
October - Mushrooms (Josh Yake)
November - Wild Game (Dan Fisher)
December - Glorious Grains (Shaun Thompson-Duffy)

2016 Classes

January (Wolf Moon) – one pot meals/pulses (Teena Holley)
February (Hunger Moon) – root vegetable dishes (Patricia Berger)
March (Egg Moon) – eggs, eggs, eggs (Paulette Minatre)
April (Wild Edibles Moon) – tonics/foraged foods (Karie Knoke)
May (Milk Moon) – cheese (Katie Austin)
June (Moon of Making Fat) – avocados/lard/ghee (Dani Lundquist)
July (Mead Moon) – mead/honey treats (Hierophant Meadery)
August (Green Corn Moon) – Lacto-fermented foods (Cole Ina))
September (Harvest Moon) – breads/traditional grains (Shaun Duffy)
October (Blood Moon) – Venison/elk (Bill Rutherford)
November (Frosty Moon) – Bone/fish broth (Astrid Rial)
December (Moon of the Long Nights) – Holiday baked goods (Mika Maloney)

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