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Inland NW Food Network

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  • Expand our online Food & Farm Guide
Inland NW Food Network

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Inland NW Food Network

I was drawn to the Inland Northwest Food Network because there’s no other organization in the community that merges health, nutrition, sustainability, and support of our local farmers. In essence, it encompasses everything that I am passionate about. I also love how it gets people cooking – a lot of people know that they need to eat healthy, but actually learning how to prepare food that is not only nutritious but delicious is a great way to help combat obesity in our area. I firmly believe that getting people back in the kitchen is key to reversing the tide of chronic disease, and the Inland Northwest Food Network is great about that.

Natalie Colla, Registered Dietician, Kootenai Health



Inland NW Food NetworkI am a staunch supporter of the Inland Northwest Food Network. My passion for the organization’s vision and many project is multifaceted. I feel an overwhelming urge to ensure that our local food system is thriving. I believe that intact food supply systems not only provide economic, nutritional and environmental support to a community; but also culturally enrich our area with a farm-to-fork culinary heritage. The Inland Northwest is especially rich in locavore cuisine and there is massive potential for growth in this area. As a small-business owner who specializes in creating specialty food products, I find the opportunities here exciting. We are so fortunate to have a dedicated organization that is bringing our food production economy together to share, promote and enjoy the bounty of this amazing region and advocate for sustainable growth that future generations will benefit from.

– Joni Kindwall-Moore, RN, Snacktivist Foods


I’ll admit, I took the easy way out. I encouraged Teri as she was putting the project tInland NW Food Networkogether, told others, bought a membership. Forgot about it. Until September, when a friend – Shaun Duffy – was teaching a bread class. I encouraged a few other friends to join me. Needless to say, not only was the class fantastic, but the group was amazing. Food people, my people.

I then looked at the other classes offered in The Seasonal Kitchen series and kicked myself for not looking earlier. I could list all the classes I was disappointed in missing, but that would have been all of them. And the cheese class, how could I have missed that?

Supporting your local businesses, organizations, and community needs to be more than a philosophical ideal. If we want to live in vibrant, sustainable local economies, we’ve got to participate, and the Inland Northwest Food Network is a great place to start.

– Terry Patano, DOMA Coffee Roasting Company


Inland NW Food Network“The Inland Northwest Food Network fills a vital role in bringing awareness to and building support for our local food system. The diverse, excellent and creative programs and projects inform, inspire and celebrate the connections between growing and eating real food. Consuming locally grown food increases our food security, contributes to better health and nutrition, supports local family farms and gardens, strengthens the local economy and communities and helps to conserve precious resources. The work of the INWFN is extremely important in encouraging all of us in growing this endeavor.”

Ellen Scriven, Farmer & President, Kootenai County Farmers’ Market Assoc.

Inland NW Food Network


As someone who is passionate about protecting our health, environment, and responsible food sourcing and management, the INWFN’s mission spoke to me. As a health educator, the food we consume is always on my mind. Nutrition is an area that is crosscutting in all areas of health and wellness and disease prevention and management.

-Erin Whitehead, Health Education Specialist, Panhandle Health District


Inland NW Food Network

“In the Inland Northwest Food Network I have found the vehicle to utilize and share my pioneer-style skills, exercise my creativity, connect with like-minded people, support the education of like-minded people, learn so much from like-minded people, serve nourishment by way of hospitality, and cook food.  This organization feeds me more than I can feed it. I feel like I’ve found my tribe; a community that connects people, place, food and farms!”

Teena Holley, Licensed Massage Therapist

The Inland Northwest Food Network is an amazing gift to our community. The breadth and depth of the educational Inland NW Food Networkofferings is second to none and not offered anywhere else in the area. The topics are relevant and vital to our sustainable local food system.

Several small local food businesses were funded by local investors dedicated to supporting these businesses that would benefit our food system in this area. As a business owner, I know first-hand that getting funding for small business expansion and growth is challenging even with programs like the SBA Loan program that is currently offered through banks.

I am so very grateful for the chance to participate in this network where I can possibly contribute as I learn and grow as well.”

Jodee Fyfe, Owner, Westwood Gardens Nursery

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