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About Drink This!

Whether you start your day with tea or coffee, keep moving with kombucha or kefir, or savor the evening with beer or wine, the Inland Northwest is a special place to imbibe. This region is brimming with wonderful ingredients and talented local drinks makers working hard to fill your glass, and as good as those liquids are, the stories behind them are even better.

Like food, drinks are agricultural products, and a lot of different hands likely helped craft what’s in your cup. If you’re curious about how barley becomes beer, apples become cider, and why our local coffee roasters reach halfway across the world for specific beans grown at just the right elevation, this is your chance to find out. Drink This! monthly meetings will take you directly to the locations where these beloved drinks are crafted and served to learn more from the artisans who make them. Through their stories and shared expertise, you’ll come to appreciate your favorite beverages even more, and discover some new flavors along the way.


2017 Series Presentations:

Jan 26 – Tea (Gaiwan Tea House)

Feb 23 – Coffee (DOMA)

March 30 – Infused sirops/cocktails (Gilded Unicorn)

April 27 – Tonics/Herbal Drinks (Barb St. Dennis) (Spice & Vine Mercantile)

May 25 – Milk (Brad Miller of Springs of Hope Dairy) (Pilgrims Market)

June 22 – Kombucha 

July 27 – Shrub Soda (Coffee Roboto) (Emerge)

August 31 – Beer (Selkirk Abbey Brewing Co)

Sept 28 – Fruit Wine (Beauty Bay Winery) (Emerge)

Oct 26 – Hard Cider (Liberty Ciderworks)

Nov 30 – Distilled Drinks (Up North Distillery)

Note: Pre-registration is required for these programs. Click on the event title for more information about the presentation or to register.

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