Eat Local! Sunchokes!

By Adam Hegsted / December 1, 2018

Check out this easy roasted sunchoke recipe from Cooking Light to get your taste buds wet:

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Eat Local! Floating Berries

By Adam Hegsted / November 4, 2018

Floating Cranberries The holiday season just wouldn’t be the same without serving something cranberry related. Native to North America, cranberries were used by Native Americans for centuries to heal bladder infections, scurvy, stomach ailments, and even as a remedy for blood poisoning. Today, cranberries are grown mostly in Wisconsin, Massachusetts,…

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Eat Local! Corn

By Teri McKenzie / September 4, 2018

It just wouldn’t be September without decorative brightly colored ears of corn popping up everywhere, or getting that one last taste of sweet summer corn on the cob. Although corn has received a bad rap in recent years due to concerns over GMOs and claims about it being unhealthy in…

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Eat Local! Huckleberries

By Teri McKenzie / August 1, 2018

You may have noticed fresh huckleberries making an appearance at farmers market stands lately – and for good reason. These perennial berry shrubs are found growing in abundance around our region, and the dog days of summer in late July and early August make for a perfect excuse to head…

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Eat Local! Mushrooms

By Luke Black / September 30, 2017

From shiitake to portabella, mushrooms have long played a part in food cultures around the world. Mushrooms are classified as fungi since they are grown from microscopic spores rather than a seed. Chinese, Greek, and South American cultures believed that mushrooms possessed magical and healing powers. In Egypt, mushrooms were…

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By Luke Black / July 30, 2017

Nothing quite beats the sweet and juicy flavor of a fresh tomato off the vine, and tomatoes in North Idaho are often ready for harvest from the end of July through early September, with their peak season in August. Although tomatoes are now widely consumed and valued for their nutritional…

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By Luke Black / June 29, 2017

If you’ve taken a stroll near any gardens this week, then you’ve probably seen lavender in full bloom. This purple perennial shrub is relatively easy to grow in our region and offers an abundance of culinary, aromatic and medicinal uses far beyond its decorative presence in landscaping. Lavender is a…

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By Teri McKenzie / May 31, 2017

As the weather warms and we head into summer, June and July are the perfect months to stock up on the region’s earlier ripening fruits, including strawberries! Strawberries are chock full of nutrients that help to prevent cancer, regulate blood pressure, improve heart health, improve glycemic control in diabetics, and…

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Eat Local! Radishes

By Teri McKenzie / March 30, 2017

With spring officially upon us, it’s almost time to begin planting our cool weather crops, which include radishes. Radishes can be planted as soon as the ground can be worked – typically within the first two weeks of April in North Idaho. These little peppery root vegetables harbor a great…

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Eat Local! Microgreens

By Teri McKenzie / February 28, 2017

As we head into March, some of us have probably started thinking about starting our cool weather crops. Although leafy greens and some herbs can be planted in March, their miniature counterparts, or microgreens, can be available year-round simply by sitting on your windowsill. These windowsill edible greens make a…

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