Julia Longfield

One of the key positions that the INWFN Board of Directors agreed needed to be filled prior to our filing to become a 501c.3 nonprofit was that of bookkeeper. As fate would have it, shortly after identifying the need Julia Longfield was introduced to us by another supporter. Currently serving as the Finance and Donor Services Specialist for the United Way of North Idaho, Julia’s background in accounting and bookkeeping has already proven to be incredibly helpful as we establish ourselves as an independent nonprofit.

Julia grew up in southern California and Portland, Oregon. She relocated to the Inland Northwest a couple years ago in search of a change of pace. She was drawn to the area because of her love of water and the outdoors. Her interest in food and food systems was triggered by some health challenges that ultimately were rectified by altering her diet. She believes that eating fresh, organically grown foods that were full of vital life forces was key to her healing.

Julia also feels that bad things happen to people when they don’t know the full story behind where their food comes from. To that end, she decided to get involved with the INWFN. She sees the work of growing our region’s food system as being critical to ensuring that all people have access to healthy food. In particular, she supports models of agriculture that are environmentally responsible/sustainable.

Julia’s ability to nurture her interests in growing things and raising chickens while also supporting a cause that she feels passionately about have been enabled by her professional background in both environmental studies and accounting. When asked what she likes about volunteering for the INWFN, she replied that she is happy to have a place to contribute her skills in a way that is useful and supportive of her values. The feeling is mutual – we too are thrilled to have someone with her knowledge and commitment helping to tend to our financial house. Welcome Julia!

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