Eat Local! Berries

By Teri McKenzie / June 30, 2015

  The good news about this month’s skyrocket temps is early berries! Ripe berries are popping up everywhere and it’s wise to “get ‘em while you can” when they are at their nutritional peak. Berries are known to be potent sources of anthocyanins, the phytonutrient that gives plants their deep red,…

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Ellen Scriven

By Jena Lassiter / June 26, 2015

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text] Farmer – Killarney Farm What inspired you to become a farmer? I’ve always loved to play outside, where I can be witness to the miracles of the natural world.  I love being able to participate in the lives of plants and animals. What I eat and how it…

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What's for Dinner?

By Teri McKenzie / June 1, 2015

“What’s for Dinner? Culinary Tips for the Home Chef” by Astrid Rial, @cycling_chef Carving out time to cook family meals from scratch every day requires commitment and, especially on busy weeknights, sometimes feels like a time trial challenge. Work, exercise, childrens’ after-school and sports activities, along with regular household chores…

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